Rishi Engg College






Rishi MS Engg College for Women traced out it’s foundation in 2009 as institute of higher learning located in 5.2 acres green sprawling Campus, opp JNTU, Hyderabad, Telangana.Rishi UBR Charitable & Educational Society was created in 1988 and traced out its foundation as Institute of higher learning for women ensuring quality education and we established Degree level courses during 1991.

Our aim is to make learning as choice for your chosen area of study . The organization focused on broadening educational access to the students and encourages to acquire knowledge, exposure ,independence, hard-work ,discipline, individualism, and enjoyment …all the qualities which will help students cope successfully with life after college.

Our mission is to produce the academic, industrial and entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. We aim at creating advances in engineering and technology by working at the interfaces with the underpinning disciplines of Computer Science / Electrical, Electronics and I.T in B.Tech at Degree level.




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