About Us

Have you ever heard about the story of little elves coming together to make something magical for a family? That's a fairy tale you heard when you were a child. But we haven't forgotten that story. So we few people turned into elves, The Stumagz elves wanted to make something really special for our student family.

A small little idea to connect this buzzing group of young people, to find and reach out like-minded students to collaborate and form a cult of their own. That's the teeny-tiny idea of Stumagz with beautiful promise of Connect. Collaborate. Cult.

The journey has so far been tedious but lovely. We elves, have started collecting small beautiful marbles and rocks, putting one shiny one on the other, to give you the most beautiful cozy corner in this virtual universe to call your own.

One day when you click the home button on your browser, we wish that Stumagz comes up. We wish to be the Home on your computer. It is as simple as that. Stumagz is the Student's home. It is where you can share your crazy ideas without being thought as a weirdo. It is where you read out a new inspiration to urge you to take one more step towards your mad idea. It is where you might find your future company's partner, just because you both read about the same event and went to it.

Stumagz is about connecting with Stories
Stumagz is about collaborating with people
Stumagz is about creating a Cult.